In previous post I wrote about Symfony2Exe stuff and now I’d like to bring a question of UML. I can’t say however how important is using of UML as I’ve never used it. Not because I dont know it but because the other dont know it. But as I figured out there is a tool which can be used to simply symfony development even if I’m the only person who is working on development process: Uml2Symfony

As it turns out from documentation you will need also ArgoUML software.

Here are the list of commands for Uml2Symfony:

uml2symfony-translate – which opens the design.uml file and generates schema files and plugins accordingly. A component in the UML diagram is translated into a symfony plugin, and the classes inside the component is added to the plugin schema file.

uml2symfony-crud-plugins – Which creates modules for each class in a component. Warning! This task does not yet test whether you have made any changes to the actions or templates, it overwrites what ever is in the plugin modules dir.

uml2symfony-load – Is a wrapper for propel-load-data. If you have set up databases.yml and propel.ini correctly but still get the error message: ”’No connection params set for propel”’ you can call this task which initializes propel correctly, adds lib and plugins/libs to autoload and then calls propel-load-data.

uml2symfony-all – Is not quite all :-). It calls uml2symfony-translate, propel-build-model, propel-build-sql, propel-insert-sql, uml2symfony-load, but excludes uml2symfony-crud-plugins.

It’s wonderfull! I guess it’s worth to start using ArgoUML and then e.g. generate plugins automatically. I’d say it’s good step towards Symfony Rapid Environment. Btw, I’m thinking about that these weeks. How about to integrate symfony with Uml2Symfony and WApache and have also some tools to draw quick pages layout (like Axure Pro has). As for me it should not be complicated to build up something like that on Delphi. And I’m sure that’s what Symfony community will really appreciate.

Makes sense?