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SymfonyLab Unveils Innovative Browser Plugin for Seamless LinkedIn to CRM Profile Transfers

November ’23 – SymfonyLab, a leading software development company specializing in bespoke solutions for SaaS providers, is excited to introduce its latest groundbreaking browser plugin, offering an advanced feature set to simplify CRM management.
In response to the increasing demand for enhanced CRM functionalities, SymfonyLab has harnessed its expertise to develop a powerful solution that not only streamlines and expedites the process of creating and updating candidate records within your CRM but also includes the ability to create a client or add contacts to an existing client inside your CRM, mirroring the same functionality for Xing as with Linkedin.
Key Benefits of SymfonyLabs’ Enhanced Browser Plugin:
  1. Effortless Candidate & Client Record Creation: Our browser plugin enables you to swiftly generate candidate records directly in your CRM, significantly reducing manual data entry and accelerating the recruitment process.
  2. Seamless Record Updates: Keeping your CRM up-to-date is now even more efficient with our solution. Easily update existing candidate, client and contact records with the latest information from LinkedIn & Xing, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of your database.
SymfonyLabs’ enhanced browser plugin proves to be a game-changer for recruiters and HR professionals, providing a competitive edge by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Bid farewell to tedious data entry and welcome a more streamlined and effective workflow.
To explore more about SymfonyLabs’ innovative browser plugin and how it can revolutionize your CRM experience, please contact us.

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