SymfonyLab Jobs

Today we launch new symfony-related service which is called ‘SymfonyLab Jobs’:

It uses job-a-matic service (and that’s why it provides access to huge list of available vacancies) and allows to post a job as well as look for the new vacancies.

You may use this service absolutely for free if you are looking for the vacancy and if you are interested in developers you may try out ‘post a job’ service for free with this coupon code:


It allows $5 discount which actually means that you can post a job here for free until 1st of January (after that date we will charge $5 per 30 days for each job posted on our site).

We offer an ability to post a job here because of about 200+ experience symfony developers are visiting this site each day. This can be a good option to post here a job and I bet some of them would be interested in your proposal.

We hope you’ll find this service usefull and feel free to contact us if you have any questions and proposals.

And the last note is why we are doing it. We plan to use money earned from this job advertisement for site improvement and development of more free symfony plugins.

Sincerely, Team