Mar 27

Why symfony-project does not publish my posts on community page

I noticed that during last 3 weeks none of our posts were published on community aggregation of blogs on symfony-project.
Hopefully this is just aggregation software fault. Somehow I had the same problem when used feedburner plugin for WP – symfony-project aggregator also was not able to fetch those posts so I had to disactivate but this time looks like not a problem on my side. But what is strange I noticed that symfony-project weekly blog digests contains references to our posts.

So this is also kinda “testing post”. We are going to track its appereance on community page.

Wish ya all great symfony!

Author: symfonian


Hmm check this out.
Extending sfGuardPlugin (part 2): . I am generally seeing your posy on sf-blog.

March 27, 2008

Yes, that’s what I meant – posts are adding to digest but not appearing on community page

March 28, 2008

Ok it’s sad but true this post did not appear on symfony project community page this morning. Sorry guys.

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