Symfony Conference Paris 2009

Definitely interesting to read through conference slides (downside is only 3-4 presentation are in English and the other are French):

First Day Slides

Second Day Slides

The most impressive to us is Yahoo sliders. It’s food for thinking. Here is just a few things we’ve discovered after presentation reading:

R3 (Easy Localization and Translation)




(what is interesting though if I’m looking for YUI plugins in plugins are of symfony site – there is no any of these plugins there which is at least strange).

Gonna keep reading and I guess it’s worth to put here some of conference slides so anyone may read them online without downloading huge PDF files.

Here is the Yahoo ones and other interesting presentations are coming:

Interesting part of it is ySymfony project. Unfortunately, there is not much on web regarding it except a few mentioned already plugins (which are part of ysymfony) and presentations.

My opinion is: if “Yahoo! powered by open-source technologies” why dont them publish it ySymfony as open-source and bring this power back as well?

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