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Sf Plugins Reviews

One of the features we were thinking about is sf plugins reviews page.

Unfortunately, what they have on native symfony site is far from ideal, e.g. when you’d try to search for sf 1.0 doctine plugins:[sf_1_0]=on&filter[doctrine]=on&filter[category_id]=&filter[name]=

You get some strange results.

First of all there will be included plugins for sf 1.2 and 1.1 as well.

Also there are some plugins ready for using but you can read in documentation “add geocoding possibilities to existants models in a symfony project using doctrine. But it’s not yet implemented” 🙂 So you never know if it’s ready or not?

In Doctrine results we have even found a few of our plugins which we developed for Propel only (,

We are not trying to replace/fix anyhow sf native site plugins page though. Here we just want to inform about cool and not very cool existing sf plugins. And we’ve decided to add “reviews” section in main menu of our site. We plan to include there not only plugins reviews though but also symfony-driven sites reviews or other symfony-related tools (e.g. IDE which supports symfony ,etc). You can also use 5-star voting system to rate for each plugin or site which we will write about.

The first plugin we’ve decided to give a try is sfUploadManagerPlugin.

If you would like to participate and provide us reviews for the other plugins and sites (like the ones you created) we happily publish those reviews as alternative vision.

Together we are getting stronger!

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