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Fabien Potencier – the father and the mother of Symfony framework

This post is dedicated to Fabien Potencier – the father and the mother of Symfony framework.
Only biography we’ve found about him is also know as so-called “little history of symfony”:

1994 to 1997 Fabien went to the Ecole National Sup?rieure des Mines de Nancy.
1997 to 1998 Added master entrepreneur at HEC School of Management to his curriculum vitae.

In June 1998 Fabien and Gr?gory Pascal created there own little company called Sensio in France, an office was created in France, later in 2008 in Canada and the United States. In October 2005 the Symfony framework was licensed and two years later the first version was launched.

His personal site is

You can find his thoughts, people he gets inspiration from, connections on these social sites:

Unfortunately, that’s all we were able to figure out about him. So if you know something more about his biography or would like to share some personal information about him which can be interesting – please use our comment.

You can have a look on him in action 🙂 on Symfony 2010 conference during his presentation about Symfony 2 (he looks like funny and smart person):

Also don’t miss his page with presentations as he is actively participate on conferences and there are lot of interesting slides from him:

Here are just some of them:

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