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Symfony TV

Hi everybody,

We’ve decided to introduce Symfony TV area on our site. So starting from this post we are going to locate there symfony related videos. For now these are videos from Symfony Live 2010 conference. On our opinion it’s important addon to presentation slides which we’ve provided in previous posts. You can see the open discussion with symfony core development team and “symfony in cloud” presentation. Once we’ll find more videos from the conference we publish them as well. So if you have filmed something from this conference.. actually if you have filmed anything related with symfony and would like to share we’ll be happy to publish it as well. So watch and enjoy.

Symfony Live 2010 Conference: Core Dev Team Q&A

Deploying symfony application to the cloud by Kris Wallsmith on Symfony Live 2010 Conference. If you liked presentation slides about using symfony in cloud environment which we provided in previous post – you must watch this video with presentation’s author detailed comments.

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