Apr 30

Backend generator theme


I’m wondering if there are available admin themes somewhere. It’s really strange but simple googling and search on symfony forum does not give me anything new.

What I knew before is good Joomla-like theme available here (this one is easy to use and integrate):


also there is available plugin based on ExtJs but it seems in early development (and it’s pretty slow at least when I tested it out):


There is also plugin which provide distinct configurations between create and edit actions:


And that’s all? I bet there must be guys who has own themes ( themesholders 😉 )

Why I’m started to talk about all this stuff. I found today in my RSSs this link and thought how good it would be if someone integrates such theme for symfony:


Maybe someday me..

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April 30, 2008

I am writing my blog with symfony again. I tried somethig but not easy to use.
I embed the jquery markitup [1] editor to textareas. But you have write some javascript and css for all your texareas. It is not a good idea. It’s not finish yet, and i don’t have enough time for it. So, if i figure it out how to handle all dirty job with automaticly, i want to share this theme.

Here, two screenshot:


[1] http://markitup.jaysalvat.com/home/

May 1, 2008

Looks pretty cool. Especially thanks for sharing a link to markitup jQuery plugin!

May 14, 2008

Symfony is the best!
I have started NEW life with this perfect framework!

May 19, 2008

We build up a generator on our own, so we didn’t create a backend theme but something similiar:


However, since symfony 1.1 is coming out soon we would have to rewrite a lot of code. Instead, we’ll use Adobe Flex to create the backend application of course symfony as interface).

July 20, 2008

Hi there, I am the writer/maintainer of the sfExtjsThemePlugin and at the moment it is getting more and more mature and usable (although not finished)

I don’t think there should be any performance differences between this theme and the default. Of course all javascript will be harder for the client-sided-rendering (especially with firebug on) but for the server side it can be even lighter since a lot of content is provided in json-format. The json-result doesn’t require any templates but can directly be send from the action.class.php of your module. (In the past this wasn’t the case).

So maybe it now is a good time to take a new look at the plugin 😉

A demo can be found here:
http://tejohnston.dynora.eu (login with admin admin)

[…] I didn’t find anything. Searching a bit more I came across a blog post on SymfonyLab (http://www.symfonylab.com/backend-generator-theme/) asking about themes. In the post the author pointed an joomla like theme […]

July 5, 2009

a rather old theme, but to my BIG surprise and dissapoitment, nothing new really is going on in this field. Well, maybe the admin generator has gotten a bit more advanced, but there is still a lot of room for loads of features I am searching for.
Actually I’d love to see the whole opensource CMS based on symfony. I’m quite surprised I haven’t found one just yet!

July 8, 2009

I’d recommend you to take a look on this:


I already wrote about it in another post, so I guess you probably already saw that. I guess it’s worth your attention.

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