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About SEO in symfony projects

At some point you should start worring about your symfony project SEO characteristics.
We expect that you are familiar with the main SEO rules / ideas therefore only going to provide some specific solutions.

So first of all you may be interested in existing symfony plugin simpleSeoPlugin

It allows to add keywords and description from content and provides simple SEO panel. The most probably you may want to tie this plugin with your symfony CMS. This or that way you should be aware about original symfony’s include_metas function. It includes META tags but instead of title tag it uses <META name=”title” which is actually not correct. blog writes

From SEO perspective, this META tag might be dangerous, and is certainly useless…Google might think of your site as it’s repeating keywords too much…though I am not sure about this…may be I’ll post an update on this based on my experience…

So we reffer you to these 2 solutions regard this problem:

One more note is about generating clean SEO-friendly urls. They say it’s better to use *.html urls vs other ones. Therefore you may want to add to your routing.yml (or if you do it dynamically into config.php file) some modifications so it looks like:

url: /article/:stripped_title.html
param: {module: home, action: article}

You may read more about this approach here:

And finally we want to recommend you well know seo cheat-sheet which is available here:

it contains the most important rules which you should follow to make your site more friendly for search engines.

Happy SEO!

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