Plugin to manage galleries and photos. Announcement

Hi all,

We are about to publish symfony plugin to manage galleries and photos. It’s quite strange but there is still no good plugin which would allow users to create own photo galleries for symfony project (assets and medialibrary plugins are good ones but they are more for administration purposes). Plugin has both frontend and backend parts to manage user galleries. We’re testing it with symfony 1.0.x only. It requires a bunch of existing symfony plugins to work properly:

  • sfGuardPlugin
  • sfModerationPlugin
  • sfPropelActAsCountableBehaviorPlugin
  • sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin

Here is the database structure which generally represents plugin functionality:

_attributes: { package: plugins.sfGalleryPlugin.lib.model }
_attributes: { phpName: sfGallery }
user_id: { type: integer, foreignTable: sf_guard_user_profile, foreignReference: user_id }
name: { type: varchar(40) }
dir: { type: varchar(40) }
description: { type: longvarchar }
photo_id: { type: integer, foreignTable: sf_photo, foreignReference: id }

_attributes: { phpName: sfPhoto }
gallery_id: { type: integer, foreignTable: sf_gallery, foreignReference: id }
name: { type: varchar(40) }
description: { type: longvarchar }
filename: { type: varchar(40) }
moderation_status: { type: smallint, default: 1, index: true }

Plugin is currently on beta testing stage. If you have any ideas/comments regard its functionality, please feel free to contact us.

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Very nice! I’m going to need this kind of functionality in my new project, so it’s very welcome and saves me a couple of hours of developing 🙂

Nice! I’d recommend an extra column “title” in table sf_foto since filenames are always ugly and a description could be too long.

What does “dir” in sf_gallery stand for?

I just post a new gallery plugin which allow to create gallery and to add in photos, by using a queue and uploading several photos simultanously fully javascript (without flash).
So I hope you will enjoy it.

That is exactly what i was talking abou, I published a such plugin, it’s called sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin but if you search gallery in the plugin search engine, you will find it in first position

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