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The `sfUploadManagerPlugin` manage uploaded files in a database. Usefull with swfUpload or equivalent to be able to retrieve all file informations (original filename, size, mime type, uploaded date …).

Sounds like interesting plugin but luck of information make it less worth than it could be.
So first of all it refers to the other symfony plugin swfUpload which uses flash/javascript library swfUpload for multiple files upload. Important to mention here – sfSWFUploadPlugin is only sf 1.0 compatible (at least that’s what mentioned in their readme). Therefore it’s hard to believe that sfUploadManagerPlugin which is sf 1.2 only compatible will work with sfSWFUploadPlugin which is for sf 1.0 only. The other bad news is sfSWFUploadPlugin has never updated since Jun 2008 while swfUpload lib had a few major releases since that time (last one was in March 2009).

We’ve decided to verify if there is never version of sfSWFUploadPlugin in SVN which would work with sf 1.2 but no luck, last update was year ago.

So our question is how could we use sfUploadManagerPlugin? Did anyone have luck with it?
Because actual idea behind of this plugin is wonderful.