Voting service for SymfonyLab

The service we’ve been using to vote for usefull Symfony/AJAX resources went down because of a bunch of hacker attacks and we decided to not start it again. Old service used Pligg which as it turned out is quite buggy and vulnerable to attacks.

Also I was kinda disappointed when saw the following picture on symfony community page last week:


I dont think postings kinda “test” are very informative and I dont feel I know Japanise or Chineese to understand what those guys are writing about.

So as new platform we decided to try out coRank – service which allows you to create own digg-like site. The one we created dedicated to Symfony is:

So there is aggregating all the blog posts from symfony bloggers and everyone has a chance to vote for the most usefull resource and this way (hopefully) I wont ever see “test” posting as the top news for today. The more guys will vote for these resources that more objective picture we gonna have. If you want to propose other symfony-related RSSs which can be added for aggregating – we would be happy to add them.. so just let us know.


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