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SymfonyLab site is about a week online and I’d like to share some of our statistics for October and put here some other information related with that. So first of all bad news we had to turn off FeedBurnerSmith plugin because of symfony community’s blog was not able to retrieve our posts and our posts were not appear on community page. That’s why number of visitors in our FeedBurner’s box now is very small (it does not represent real number of subscribers which is almost 100 now). Good news we’ve got a few interesting comments and a lot of good words for what we are doing 🙂 Thanks guys for your support

Now lets talk about statistics, of course week is not enough to say about stable behaviour but generally it gives good picture. So during last days of Octored we’ve got 1606 unique visits and 12490 hits. Frankly to say we did not expect that. We’ve also got a few adsense clicks and earned about $5 which is small but enough to make a decision – so we’ve decided that we will donate 25% of adsense earnings into symfony’s development, in other words we want to invest into symfony because it makes our life easier.

Another statistics I’d like to share is that we’ve got 61% visits from Firefox browser and only 14% from IE (11% – unknown, all the others are Opera, Safari, Mozilla). Platforms from which we’ve got visitors –

Windows (73%)
Linux (12%)
Unknown (11%)
Macintosh (5%)

Interesting about visitor’s countries (only > 3%):

Romania (32%)
Unknown (19%)
United States (10%)
France (7%)
Netherlands (5%)
Germany (4%)

And the most interesting is search strings (only first 8):

symfony criteria – 8
symfony – 7
symfony eclipse – 4
wforms – 4
symfony form_remote_tag – 4
symfony sucks – 3
symfony chm – 3
symfony criteria join – 3

I could not believe that “symfony sucks” is something that can be searched but there is still someone that think so.
Thanks again and next coming will be promised symfony-based sites reviews, more plugins and real-life practices.

3 replies on “SymfonyLab statistics”

Yes, Romania would be me 🙂 and maybe other fellows symfonians.

If you have the time, maybe you can post something about sfPropelActAsNested plugin. I’m going crazy here trying to make things run.

Keep up the good work.

I’m probably one of the person that searched for symfony sucks. whenever I find a new product/technology, the first thing that I search for is “X sucks” not because I think it sucks but because if it does, I’m going to find tons of results and find out why people don’t like it. It’s good to know why something rocks, but it’s just as good to know the shortcomings too. 🙂 From what I have found out so far, it doesn’t suck.

LOL good to know. Are you searching only for “sucks” stuff or also do after that opposite “rules” search to compare results? 🙂

I guess what is “sucks” for one person could be “rules” for the other 🙂

Anyway.. Segmond, welcome to the club of anonymous symfoniacs 😉

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