I have just read about an ability to convert php applications into exe with Wapache project: How to turn a php script to an exe..for free

As it’s written in post:

This could be used for a demo/trial of a web application. A windows installer could also be used (NSIS works well and is free) to create a fully installable, desktop application.

And I really like it!

However when I’ve been trying to run it up I figured out that still use Apache 1.3 and actually dont see any reason to upgrade to 2.0 🙂
WApache requires Apache 2 to start up. Techinally I think that Symfony-based applications must be also converted into exe with WApache but never knows before try you it. If anyone would be able to try it out and let us know about the results it would be really great. So guys if you’ll have a chance please drop us a line 😉 We promise to publish the results right here. We may even put here your converted app as a demo and I guess that can be good advertise for you.

On the other hand, if WApache can’t convert symfony projects to exe. Has anyone tried to do something like that. Maybe Symfony2Exe script or so 🙂
Or how about pake task for symfony which converts symony project with/without wapache into windows binary… Oh you see I have too much ideas 🙂

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