Symfony “How To” lessons announcement

We are happy to announce the upcoming publishing of SymfonyLab lessons.

In some sense this would work similar to Askeet and Jobeet projects. We are planning to publish step-by-step articles which would describe how to create some kind of project. At the moment we consider the lessons for creating bidding / auction project (bideet). But it’s not the final decision so if anyone has better idea – let us know and we may change our mind.

The other difference compared to Jobeet/Askeet – we are planning to use some video files which would help beginners so they can see everything in work!

We are planning to start symfony lessons publishing from next week so don’t miss it 🙂

Wish you the very great weekend!

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How about a generic issue tracker that stores issues that can be tagged and assigned to multiple people/departments.

Features could include:
– autocomplete search field
– escalate issues if they haven’t been responded to
– quick add an issue via ajax
– canned responses
– reporting
– respond to issues via email
– login integration with LDAP for employees that use the system

Maybe show how it can exist along side a Drupal/Wordpress installation. Maybe even single sign on?

People could use this to track communications from their website instead of simple contact form.

You could expand on the features if you wanted to make it an all around help solution(issue tracker, live chat, knowledge base, frequently asked questions).

Ex. Use symfony with a desktop app (maybe an AIR app?) for notifications?

What do you think?

haha I guess it’s great idea for learning purposes. but on the other hand there are bunch of ready solutions (not symfony but php-driven) like kayako or cerberus helpdesk and they can be easily adopted for your purposes 🙂

kayako and cerberus are no free, the helpdesks free have not many features such as: design, multilingual, chat, VoIP, etc.

Good idea Glenn McLelland.

If you could show how to cleanly embed forms in the 1.2.8+ and 1.3ALPHA symfony versions, at multiple levels,you would have LOTS of hits. This is where a larger percentage of very new and even intermedite level people are having problems.

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