May 05

Symfony GTK

Just a thought if there is a way to use symfony and GTK together?

Am looking through this book quickly:


and looks pretty good.

There is thread in forum regarding GTK:

which generally says that there is no way to use GTK and symfony but probably can be written “view” plugin which allows to use that?

On the other hand looking on their site PHP GTK and no changes since 16-May-2008, so does that mean GTK is dead?

Dreaming of Visual Symfony are still around me 🙂

Author: symfonian

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Y?lmaz U?urlu
May 5, 2009

I thougth about too. But i didn’t realize how can i call view actions in gtk application. An php-gtk application for symfony and written with symfony, it would be great. Latest php-gtk action i saw on the internet here

A visual yml designer or form designer or propel schema builder would be really great ? 😛

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