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Symfony CMF

Read today information about symfony CMF project (kinda CMS framework built on top of symfony2 and doctrine2):

as they claim:

The Symfony CMF project makes it easier for developers to add CMS functionality to applications built with the Symfony2 PHP framework. Key development principles for the provided set of bundles are scalability, usability, documentation and testing

The project itself seems to be at its early stage so quite possible that way to candidate release will be long but even now I’ve picked up for myself some cool ideas.

So most interesting for myself was that they propose to use content Jackrabbit server to store data:

we are considering to base the solution on top of the JCR specification in order to achieve separation of the frontend, storage and transport layers in order to enable people to pick and choose the right approaches for their CMS without having to reimplement various bundles over again just because they for example use a different storage server. This will also enable hybrid setups, where for example a PHP frontend gets content from a Java backend.

There is also related video about one of products built using content server technology.

I’m planning to play with existing Jackrabbit PHP client Jackalope to get better understanding of this server.

Backing to CMF project it contains also 2 interesting Wiki pages which definitely was good to read:

Comparisons Of Existing Cmf CMS
Feature Brainstorming

Its interesting to see that during comparable short period of time symfony gave life to a few new CMS (apostrophe, diem, etc). So long life CMF!

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