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I already wrote about symfony automation stuff (and will keep writing about that for sure!). By the way, there were a couple of comments on this blog which showed that Symfony RAID is something that might be real bomb. But today I’d like to write about something simpler. This good idea visited me in the morning.
So that was an idea of symfony generator or plugin or maybe task that will parse specific pages.yml file from env/config/ and generate actions/templates/validate files based on this file. I imagine it the following way, pages.yml contains something like:

validate: yes // generate yml validation file for this action
error: yes // generate error success template for this action
field1: { name=Field1, type=text }
field2: { name=Field2, type=textarea }
submit: { type: submit }

This way there must be generated action file with 2 action functions, 1 action2Success.php template, 1 validation file action1.yml. As for me, this must be something that saves time for prototyping and early development. I’m sure it can be improved a lot with adding of templates themes, etc. The most important is that it can be done as simple generator and should not take too much time to have it done.

Would be interesting to hear the comments/proposals of community on this stuff.


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I really like this idea…
it’s something really easy, but it will give great functionality to symfony…

I think it would be really great to have something like this.

are you guys going to develop it? do you need help in it? if yes please feel free to contact me

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