sfGallery plugin


We are finally ready to release sfGallery plugin to manage galleries and photos in symfony application.

It requires the following plugins to work properly:

  • sfGuardPlugin
  • sfModerationPlugin
  • sfPropelActAsCountableBehaviorPlugin
  • sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin

There is included backend which allows to administrate/moderate images/galleries.
You can download the plugin here:


and give it a try! We are awaiting for your feedbacks.

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Not sure about 1.1, 1.2 compatibility. it was developed originally for 1.0 so need to try, please let us know if it’s compatible 🙂


thanks so far!
Tried to get it working on sf1.0 but it seems that some files are missing (CSS, Icons, sfPhotoAdmin module) and the mass upload function shows up as a blank page.

I also needed to create a sfGuardUserProfile model and to add “getNickname()” method to this class.
sfThumbnail Plugin is also required.

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