There was updated sfChartDirectorPlugin in symfony repository. It could not be installed via command line (due to some problems with package.xml file) and it was fixed so you would be able to install and use sfChartDirectorPlugin for your fun:

Btw, ChartDirector has updated its software to v.4 ( and there is a lot of REAL improvements like (I’m listing just the most important of them):

  • Zooming and Scrolling Support
  • AJAX Chart Updates
  • Conditional Axis Format
  • ArrayMath Data Aggregation

Along with the other alternatives available as a plugins for Symfony (JpGraph, SWF, etc) this one can be a good addition 😉

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hi, my question is, how use this plugin in my project with symfony, I’ve installed the plugin, but I dont know how used it with a template.

Felipe, thanks for the question. In order to use it with a template you should do a request to plot chart action (HLOCdata in plugin) from your template, e.g. the following way:

hi narkov, thank for you quick answer, but the example dont show in your comment, please replay it the comment with the example. Very thanks.

Sorry, I meant the following code but it was processed as an image tag:

<img src=”<?php echo url_for(‘sfChartDirectoryPlugin/HLOCdata’); ?/>” />

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