I’m sorry for such long delay but finally I came back for blogging.

I have to say that I’ve been working with stable symfony-0.6.3 version for a long time and just now am joining to users of the latest symfony-1.0.1 Surely, symfony-1.0.1 is a gret step forward but what I’ve faced last days could be quite interesting for someone who loved 0.6.3 and want to upgrade to 1.0.1. So as normally I decided to use “wisdom of crowds” and took a look
into Symfony’s trac:

or even

due to what I’ve read – upgrade of framework should be such an easy thing. I bet it’s easy under Linux but not for Windows and not for me. I had serious problems with symfony upgrade. First of all new symfony has been installed into different location than symfony 0.6.3 and this way both versions were live on my PC. That’s not critical but I was suprised trying to figure out where is located the latest one. The worst thing is that after this upgrade none of symfony installation worked. It’s hard to say why but PEAR-DIR/SYMFONY-DATA pathes simply did not work and to go into symfony.bat and fix this issue manually by typing direct pathes. That’s not the end. When symfony.bat starts working pakefile.php starts to inform me about wrong pathes and the other bullshit. I killed a couple of hours before I decided to completely delete PEAR folder and re-install symfony from scratch. That helped. And when I’ve investigated the code I figured out that symfony-1.0.1 somehow not upgraded but copied over symfony-0.6.3 and replaced some files and some not. Now I imagine that I had 2 installations of symfony-0.6.3 anyhow and it could cause such problems.

Even so don’t forget to edit your symfony.bat with lines kinda:

set SCRIPT_DIR=c:\usr\php5\PEAR

set PHP_COMMAND=c:\usr\php5\php

I could not create a new project without these changes.

Good luck!

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