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php/scaling readme mix

Thought worth to share some of posts/slides I’ve read today. They are basically about different things but too interesting to miss it.

So first one is phpMyAdminMySQL alternatives:


original post is here

Another one is great slideshow about using Solr search engine with Hadoop. I’m definitely hanging around Hadoop technology these days so was fun to see about “Real-Time Searching of Big Data with Solr and Hadoop”:

Next one is about using Google Buzz API.

Google Buzz allows users to post real-time status updates, news, and content to their Google Account, and to subscribe to similar updates from others. Web application developers are able to access and search this content through the Google Buzz REST API. This article introduces the Google Buzz API and demonstrates it in the context of a PHP application, explaining how to search, retrieve, add, and edit different types of content on Google Buzz.

Another one thing I’m watching for these days is graph processing and scaling so another one cool slideshow regarding that Pregel: A System for Large-Scale Graph Processing

And finally amazing video with details about scaling Disqus (which is django driven):Hope you can pickup interesting one from such mix 🙂

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