Our stats for January

In current 2008 we are still growing and very soon we are going to annouce our new service (instead of devgg one which we had to close). The greatest news for us in January was that we’ve got high page rank from Google (PR=5) in a very short time and it allows us to start showing non-adsense paid ads on our site. It will help us to focus on better content and ideas for our site.

Ok, so now we would like to propose you our statistics for January:

Monthly hits:

Hits=33837, Visits=8079

Most popular articles in January: Views=1096 Views=955 Views=685 Views=668 Views=582

Most popular search strings in January:

object_select_tag, 142
symfony , 112
symfony htaccess, 66
symfony object_select_tag, 54
wforms, 41

Countries visits:

Unknown, 31%
Romania, 12%
United States, 11%
France, 6%
Poland, 4%
Netherlands, 4%
Spain, 3%


Unknown, 33%
Firefox, 32%
Internet Explorer , 24%

What is the funniest for us – Romania is still the leader between visitors. Good job guys! This is interesting why Symfony is more popular in Romania and USA than in France. But maybe that’s just specific of this site.

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