Javascript frameworks quick note

I guess finally I became jQuery fan. It did not happen quickly though. As symfony from the beginning uses Prototype I was staying for the long time prototype-oriented 🙂

But I believe in last time improvements and extra plugins developed for jQuery went through critical edge and now it’s beyond comparison (this is for discussion though, every frog likes own bog).

But either you are jQuery fan or not I’d like to share what I’ve read today.

First is Google AJAX Libraries API, strange but it went accress me and I’ve not heard about it before this day:

The AJAX Libraries API is a content distribution network and loading architecture for the most popular, open source JavaScript libraries. By using the Google AJAX API Loader’s google.load() method, your application has high speed, globaly available access to a growing list of the most popular, open source JavaScript libraries..

Of course it contains both jQuery and Prototype and the other well-known libraries. I’ve also read that this is not accessible in some countries like Iran which will cause your site not working but except that I believe this is good idea.

Another interesting link I’d like to share is:

I went through demos and must say it looks amazing.. E.g. ical-like-calendars, Moving Boxes, interactive map… I believe anyone can find there anything usefull for himself.

Hope you will like it too 🙂

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