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Is open-source for open-source?

How much open-source symfony-driven projects do you know? I guess I know only Jobeet and Askeet. But I believe that with such powerfull open-source framework there must be a lot of open-source projects. So I’ve decided to investigate and goes here:

Not too much in Open-source section but lets see what we have there (except already mentioned Jobeet and Askeet).

Steer CMS – “is a state of the art Open Source content management system which offers a number of features and benefits.”

This project looks like working but did not really interest me as it uses symfony 1.0, slowly developing (due to their Wiki timeline), and I dont really see the reason to use full-featered CMS written in symfony. There are enough solutions on market.

sfShop – “is constantly growing open source on-line shop e-commerce platform based on Symfony framework.”

Their site does not work 🙁

Bookmark Project – “sample bookmarking system” This is something really old and mostly in Japaneese.. must be something usefull though 😛

Bartertown – “Bartertown is an open source online auction package. It’s goal is to connect buyers with sellers in a specific geographical area, and to get the sellers the best price possible for high demand items.” – interesting but not active project though. very old.

– ” open-source forum engine written in PHP5 and Symfony. It focuses on usability to offer an alternative user experience to online discussions. Light-weight, fast and secure, Motilee is easy to install and run.” – Looks like another one dead project. No activity since 2007

I felt real disappointment until now but here goes some more promising projects. They are new but quickly developing/growing. All three projects are usefull itself and for learning purposes as well. They have good strcutured plugins structure and interesting external libraries.

qubit-toolkit – “Qubit is a fully web-based toolkit that allows institutions such as archives, libraries, museums, and art galleries to manage and host web-based collections of information resources. Qubit supports multi-lingual and multi-repository collections.”

ullright – “ullright is a framework and application suite providing helpful tools to support workflows and company-internal organisation in general.”

sflimetracker – “A BitTorrent tracker written in the Symfony PHP framework”

But why only 3 worth attention open-source applications? This list should be increased and we want to participate. How do you think what is “must be” list of open-source applications for every framework? And which ones would be good to have for symfony?

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yeah thanks for mentioning, it looks very good! do you know if in plans are miragraring to symfony 1.2?

Not for the moment, as the 1.0 does the job. But if any new feature is added, it will be migrated for sure.

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