The Symfony framework turns one. Amidst all the back slapping, cake, and Champaign corks popping, the symfony blog posts a short happy birthday and a quick look over their shoulder.

Francois Zaninotto, the documentation lead for the Symfony project, wrote the post on the blog. In it he discusses where it all started and goes on to talk about the changes that the framework has been through in the past year. HereтАЩs letтАЩs grab a quick quote.

The website was launched on October 19th, 2005, and it has rapidly gained a tremendous success. The adoption rate of the framework has been incredible since the beginning, and went far beyond our hopes. Today, we read about symfony in the press and on the Internet every day, new websites using it launch in many countries. We read a lot of very positive reviews about the framework but, more important, we read or hear about successful projects using symfony, and these real use cases are a proof that the framework reaches its goals.

Congratulations to the entire symfony team for this milestone. I wish you many happy returns.

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