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I’ve been always using Far manager with a numeric set of plugins (like code highligher, ftp, etc) and I should say that I’ve really got high performance with it. But when I’ve started to use Symfony I noticed that I’d need another tool for browsing through project files. So far I know that I dont want to use Zend Studio for sure (I’ve won a free copy of Zend Studio professional a couple of years ago on PhpClasses but I’ve never used it because it’s Java-based and too slow for me.. Actually, they could have much progress since that time but I doubt). I’ve heard a lot about phpDesigner and that’s what I’m trying out in this moment. So far looks good. I liked a lot embedded CHM files support. So for instance, I’ve just added CHM generated for Symfony framework and it works really good (I took CHM from here: I’ve also heard that Eclipse is good but I dont like it’s Java-based too.

Any ideas what else worth to try as integrated environement for Symfony?

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We are using PDT (Ecplipse).

Some people say that it’s even slower than Zend Studio – but I can’t complain about bad perfomance – enough ram is necessary, though.
I love the SVN integretation, the Aptana Plugin, the Code Browser, Search & Replace capabilities, syntax highlighting and outlining.

Zend Studio is perfect. It can be slow, but this seems to be a problem with some Java settings and can easily be fixed (I’ve never experienced this myself, but have heard about this from some Zend guys).

I’ve been a happy user of Zend Studio since 4.something, and now with 5.5 I can’t stay away from it anymore. I’m addicted 😉

I’m Using WaterProof PHPEdit 2.10 and I’m telling you this is a great tool, I used zend Studio, other ones like mencioned above, and I really prefer this one, it has all the features i need, and you can add api clases, so I added the symfony package and I gat a lo of help, now i’m gonna add the chm like you, ’cause this tool also has this feature.
You really need to try it.

I’ve been using Activestate’s Komodo, it’s a good environment for coding php. code completion works well with symfony. It’s got some nice little features. eg. it won’t put tabs in your yaml. decent editor but I miss column editing like in vim or ultraedit.

Eclipse PDT for me, too, running on Ubuntu 7.04. Minor problems with the built-in browser (had to disable it), but it’s not such a must.
Overall, very stable. OK, it gets a little lazy when you have 30+ files open, but it’s OK.

I’ve used Eclipse for a while, Aptana Studio later on, and now I am absolutely satisfied with NetBeans 6.5 (just the PHP editor), it is really awesome. 22 MB install, really lightweight compared with Eclipse + PDT, and nothing to miss from them.

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