Give a try to Symfony 1.2

And finally this day is happened. We’ve decided to give a try to symfony 1.2. Let us mention that we did not even give a try to symfony 1.1. There was a couple of reasons why we did not do that. The main reason is why to migrate to framework branch which is not fully compatible with 1.0 branch and which is not going to be supported for a long time. As for us “intermediate framework branch” idea is bad idea. At least this did not sound to us like an option to consider in real production projects.

And now when symfony 1.2 RC2 was released (and developers claimed there wont be major changes) we thought why not, it’s good chance to try it out and dig closer into new feature. We dont want to rewrite here all advantages of 1.2 branch (you can read up-to-dated details here) but clearly all further symfony progress gonna be around 1.2 branch. Clearly that it will take some time before we will really get stable and polished framework release but it’s also clear that 1.0/1.1 branches wont be under attention anymore. We really dont want to say good-bye to 1.0 branch but it will happen finally – 1.2 proposes too much tasty features to not pay it attention.

We decided to setup new framework on pure windows machine (we used to use windows for development purposes) and see if there will be any differences in installation. We are planning to perform and publish here some performance tests.
So we setup:

  • PHP 5.2.6
  • Apache 2.2.10
  • MySQL 5.1.30

Everything went quite smoothly except a few minor things which we had to learn (e.g. new symfony uses different create project structure command or another important thing we had to enable pdo extension in php.ini which was not required for 1.0. Another interesting thing config/databases.yml contains now references to test mysql database and as a result if you dont have PDO enabled and mysql installed you’ll get PHP errors with not really clear sense like PDO class is not found).

Next days we are planning to keep investigating new branch so more publications regard this is possible. So if you are interested in some specific things leave us a comment and we will take this into account.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Interesting article, as often. It would be nice if you could tell us if learning symfony 1.2 when you know symfony 1.0 is hard, for you. Reading the “changes” file does not help that much. Still, the main problem is that we really need the updated documentation.

One last thing: my apologies, but the way you use English is sometimes quite strange… I think I understand everything because I am French, and it sounds like word by word translation… so I change your words with their French translation and then I understand what you meant. Anyway, at least you try to write in English, and that’s good.

well migrating to 1.2 is not too hard as it seems to us but we cant claim that we migrated already. we are still trying it out and looking into +/-

at the moment the worse thing for usability in 1.2 is forms/widgets. it sounds powerfull but too different from what we had in 1.0.x branch. but i believe this is question of habbits.

yeah sorry for our english we are not using english as native language we wish to write in ukrainian but if we would publish posts in ukrainian you wont even know about this site 😉

Anyway thanks for reading and commenting this is always helpfull and inspiring!

extension=php_pdo.dll is enabled in ini file what is the other step to configure the symfony i am getting this error message
Fatal error: Class ‘PDO’ not found in E:\wamp\www\sf_sandbox\lib\symfony\plugins\sfPropelPlugin\lib\vendor\propel\util\PropelPDO.php on line 42

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