DevGG – digg-like service to manage own RSSs

It’s real pain in the ass if you are reading more than 10 RSSs everyday. The worst thing that even if I’ll find anything usefull I never have a time to read that but when I have time to read I can’t find what exactly I wanted to read. So I decided to do something with it. A proposed solution is a free open-source digg-like system – Pligg. I’ve installed it and setup RSS import module. This way when I’m quickly browsing through news I vote for something I’d like to read later and it’s automatically go to frontpage. Hey, great idea, don’t you think so ?

I aggregate PHP, AJAX, Design news and I’ve decided to put another once category for Symfony since that’s my favourite framework:

In fact, I bet this must be interesting for another developers coz I’m filtering for them the most interesting information about symfony and another related development technologies. If they will decide to vote for news that would be even more interesting coz it helps to sort out really valuable information.

Right now there are aggregated about 3 the most interesting blogs about Symfony but I’m going to expand this list once I’ll find out more interesting blogs. Btw, if you know good RSS sources which worth to be added to a list – please let me know and I’ll do that.

Well, guys it’d also interesting to know how you handle huge number of RSSs channels, maybe you know better solutions.

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