Jan 23

Clean out my drafts

Hi all,

somehow I bookmarked a few usefull links (I found them in somone’s bookmarks actually) and I put them into my drafts. I was going to write a few posts on that topics. And now when I’m doing drafts cleanout I understand that I forgot what the hell I was going to write.

I thought these links can be helpfull for someone, so here they are:

symfony: creating individual modular sites with a base configuration

How to rig symfony-project with jQuery for AJAX

Forms Validation with Symfony and Prototype

Author: symfonian


January 24, 2008

The link about the modular sites is a great help for a new project. Thanks for sharing this.

snk00sj (digital base)
January 24, 2008

Tnx for the link to form validation (symfony and prototype)

Digital Base
January 24, 2008

Form validation will be integrated in Symfony v1.1. Will be a nice extend of the sf structure

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