Am I Symfoniac?

Sometimes I’m asking myself if I have really to use Symfony? Why not the other PHP framework? Or do I have to know when/where to use another PHP framework for the specific cases, e.g. maybe CakePHP would be better exactly for THIS project? And should I insist on choosing a symfony as a platform for the coming projects?

The thing is that I had not too big experience working with the other frameworks except self-written. And when I was introduced to symfony I figured out it’s something that could really save my time. And yes I know the main differences between Symfony, CakePHP and Zend.. But how could I know if the other less popular frameworks are so worthless that it’s not even worth to try them. And why to try? Too much questions 🙂 Maybe that’s just a winter depression and I’m sitting here and asking myself all this stupied questions.

However it would be interesting for sure to hear from the guys who came to symfony from the other frameworks. Or opposite, are there any developers who had to migrate from symfony to one the other frameworks. Here is a list of actual PHP frameworks and comparison table can be found here:

Akelos PHP Framework
DIY Framework
eZ Components
Seagull Framework
Symfony Project
Zend Framework
ZooP Framework

I did not know there are sooo much of them. Well, and I must say there are the others not listed here. E.g. the latest one I got into my RSS subscription is SimplicityPHP:

The thing that looks obvious to me – quality of PHP frameworks are getting better and better. What I know for sure I’d never come back to working with PHP without framework. There was a post by Manuel Lemos about possibility to use set of classes instead of single framework: and that’s what I’d not do at this moment. Of course, what he wrote makes sense but I’m too tired to tie together all that classes, writing wrappers and the other bullshit.
What about you?

Well, I’d need to mention here Javascript/AJAX/CSS frameworks but that’s another big stuff to talk about 🙂

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Hey :p

That’s a problem I often thought about. I discovered symfony 2 years ago, when it was 0.4 still, and since then I loved it. But hey, if you don’t know anything else, how do you know for sure that’s the best?

At this time for me, it was anyway very better of my long php3/c++cgi time. At least I got some direction, from the beginning, on how to organize my code. When I was younger, i developped code with my own pseudo-frameworks (in php3, yeah i know that was mostly hackish), but with my today’s experience with symfony, I’m beginning to think that behind the fact it helped me a lot in development, it showed me some clean design pattern, some thing i will stick on for ever, just because that’s making my life easier.

If tomorrow django 2.0 comes out and kicks asses, I’ll maybe stick to it. And if Rails 2 is even better I will too. But as symfony 2.0 will rocks them all, why am I wondering? well… yeah, I’m Symfoniac. are you?
So I am to come back to the original subject. Am I symfoniac? well in a sense, yes, but it’s more the way symfony made me think I get reward from. I could maybe have got this from Django, CakePHP, RoR, or even some weird stuff like jelix, but my experience in the early atempts in clean web developments were to come with symfony.

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