WYSIWYG is the best Symfony friend

I’m sure if you allow visitors to submit any content on your site you use WYSIWYG in your project. Not much of them knows HTML so you have somehow to simplify their lives. Of course, you can go with built-in TinyMCE but we dont really like it. There is also easy way to use FCKEditor (for those who still did not know how to do that here is explanation:

So here are list of WYSIWYGs you can use with Symfony right now:

TinyMCE – built-in symfony
FCKEditor – built-in symfony
The WYSIWYM Markdown Editor

There were mentioned on symfony forum that someone developed plugins for

SPAWS Xinha (htmlarea successor)

but we’ve never seen them.

We would also want to mention here about usefull plugin you may want to use along with WYSIWYG:

We vote 2 hands for FCKEditor, it’s quickly developing and powerfull. The disadvantage – you have to buy license if you use it for commercial purposes. The other important thing is supporting of plugins by FCKEditor. If you would take a look into this page you can see detailed instruction on how to create plugins:

and here is big list of existing plugins and comments to them:|FCKeditor’s

We also reffer you to forum post regard using of WYSIWYGs:

Do you know any other good WYSIWYGs? We open our ears and listen up 🙂