Overview of Symfony Live San Francisco (day 1)

The Day 1 of Symfony Live had 5 presentations:

  • The Path to Symfony in the USA by Dustin Whittle
  • Clean code by Bulat Shakirzyanov
  • Apostrophe by tompunk
  • Doctrine in the Real World by Jonathan Wage
  • phpBB4: Building end-user applications with Symfony2 by Nils Adermann

Seems like these presentations were mostly pretty “general” without providing much details. e.g. guys from phpBB4 confirmed again that they will use symfony2 for building their forum software, apostrophe overviewed their software, etc.

These 2 presentations took our attention though:

Clean code

So its basically also general presentation about unit testing but it provides good enough details (especially if you are still thinking – to test or not to test)

Next one is really informative presentation:

Doctrine in the Real World

which contains important details (and usage samples) about MongoDB wrapper in Doctrine. It also covers useful technique of using supervisord package for demonizing scripts / symfony tasks.

Looking forward for Day 2 🙂

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