Buzz around 1.2 and how far is 1.3 ?

Since 1.2 was released there were written a lot about new symfony version. We actually did not even expect this may happen so fast. After our last publication about 1.2 there were a couple of questions mostly like “what are the best features in 1.2?”. I guess the simplest and fullest explanation of 1.2 features were published today on blog, here is a quote:

Symfony 1.2 starts off where 1.1 left off, by introducing two new subframeworks: One for routing and one for filtering. These new subframeworks make symfony even more powerful and flexible. For instance, the routing framework now is able to support fully restful URLs, and both routing and filtering have the option of using Propel integration. The already existing form framework also got an upgrade, having gotten some nice new features such as automatically nested forms.

Speaking of Propel, the sfPropelPlugin that gets distributed with the framework has been upgraded to Propel 1.3, which means an enormous performance boost as well as some interesting additional features. But perhaps even more important is the fact that you’re not bound to Propel anymore out of the box. Symfony 1.2 also comes with Doctrine, an ORM which has a more intuitive API and a similar performance to Propel 1.3.

Another major change is the fact that the admin generator, a tool for easily creating administration interfaces, was refactored to use the new form framework. This is an important step, as it removed the last remnants of the old form system of symfony 1.0, and enables more flexibility in the admin generator.

Hmm.. so if 1.2 is already published maybe we should expect that 1.3 will be ready until X-Mas than? 🙂 And we decided to look what are the plans for new symfony version:

so far now much clear but will see. Nothing revolutionary so far. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about new features?

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