Mar 06

Symfony 2 Again

Am looking through slides of Fabien’s talk on phpQuebec and seeing that symfony goes in correct direction.


I expect that newbies wont be happy as it seems to be more tricky. At this stage would be helpfull some kind of visual tool. If someone remembers that’s what happened with TurboVision (which was good but too complicated) and only Delphi helped to show its truth power.

On symfonians twitter found a link to PHP books storage (thanks to Nisha 🙂 )

Author: symfonian


March 6, 2009

It seems like fabion has plans to make symfony 2.0 more ‘enterprise’.. not sure about where its heading in terms of complexity… Saw the last few slides with the massive XML file… are we going back to a complex framework? What happened to keeping it simple..

[…] which brings fun back into web development. In fact, the fun is taken by Symfony, which just doesn’t feel elegant anymore. Merb also has less magic than Ruby on Rails, and is a lot better architected. In fact RoR […]

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