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More slides from symfony2 live conference

Fabien Potencier: Unit and Functional Testing with Symfony2

Long live to PHPUnit, Lime is dead? It seems that symfony2 is very serious about using PHPUnit and we actually very happy about that. PHPUnit is really professional and well supported library.
I’d say Selenium + PHPUnit = great PHP testing experience 🙂

Francois Zaninotto: Symfony2 meets propel 1.5

Well, we definitely love Propel. Honestly, we love it so much that migration to Doctrine is still pain. And it seems like Propel and Doctrine are in state of war now. Each one gets new “killer” feature regurarly :).
Buy if I’d use ORM separately – Propel is my choice. When I develop using symfony – I’ll use Doctrine.. B/c it has default support and seems like there is something between Doctrine and Symfony (read J. Wage and F. Potencier). So I’d put my money on Doctrine (even though I don’t like it as much as Propel 🙁 ). This presentation gives great overview of new Propel features and what is more important provides plans for future developments.
The main thing I don’t see in Propel is noSQL support. Hopefully it will appear as plugin soon.

Bernhard Schussek: The new form framework

I liked to work with forms in symfony 1.0. It was clear and simple. Starting symfony 1.1 forms framework “improving” and seems like it’s still looking for its ideal. Looking this presentation I did not honestly get full picture of new framework. It’s good that forms are now separate from symfony but why in the hell I need that if I want to use symfony?? As for me there are already enough of good “forms frameworks” samples – e.g. the way it’s done in Java, Flex and similar is pretty universal and standardized. Symfony still has unique way (which is getting similar to Java slowly). Seems like it’s wheel re-invention but I’m ok to wait and see.

The last one presentation is not actually from conference so it’s kind of symfony-related bonus track.
Symfony actively uses phing for deployments and it’s good to know about extra phing features mentioned in this presentation and about the other projects which uses phing. Worth to mention that we were trying to use phing a while ago separately from symfony and got into some issues with it so was definitely interesting to look what we did wrong.

Rajat Pandit: Automation using-phing

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