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Cleanup my drafts. Part 2.

This time my drafts cleanup is not directly related to symfony but these are the classes which I’m sure you will use for your symfony projects:

htmlSQL is a experimental PHP class which allows you to access HTML values by an SQL like syntax. This means that you don’t have to write complex functions (regular expressions) to extract specific values. The htmlSQL queries look like this:

Technically it’s class to query the web by an SQL like language. I guess this can be used together with Lime or SimpleTest (depends on which one you like the best) for units testing or for fetching web pages.

Phptrackback – a simple, portable PHP class with full TrackBack capabilites. Ping trackback URIs, receive trackbacks from other clients and seed pages for auto-discovery. The class also extract links from a given string and search these links for trackback URIs:

You may want to use this class together with sfSimpleBlogPlugin or the other project with similar functionality.

The other interesting thing is Apache’s module Mod_Auth_External:

I bookmarked this page because of I thought this can be used as authentification mechanism for multiple symfony projects where I dont want to use sfGuardPlugin but only shared auth handler.

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